Doctors day quotes and wishes

Doctors Day Quotes and Wishes

When a mother to be in the family was to deliver, we remembered a Doctor. When the senior-most citizen in the family was in pain, we called a doctor. When a family member or friend fell sick, we realized what role a doctor plays in our everyday lives. From an acute illness to a severe injury, from surgeons to veterinarians, life without a doctor is unthinkable. To appreciate the efforts each doctor puts in, several countries celebrate Doctors Day every year. Below are some amazing doctors day quotes and wishes to share with your favorite doctor.

Doctors Day Quotes

Doctors day quotes and wishes
Doctors day quotes and wishes

In the deadly situation of this coronavirus pandemic, while the world was locked down at their home, doctors were on duty every single hour. They saved patients by putting their lives at risk. Many doctors were infected, many died, but they continued to serve the people. Such great personalities deserve a day that celebrates their valor, grit, and hard work. Therefore, different nations observe doctors’ day every year to celebrate their compassion and dedication.

Patients and the public share beautiful messages, appreciation posts, and several doctors day quotes to convey their regards to their family doctors and doctors across the world. Felicitation ceremonies, seminars, award functions, and parties are organized worldwide to celebrate the day. Friends and family members give a token of love to their beloved doctors. 

History of Doctors Day 

The day was observed in 1933 for the first time in Georgia. Patients expressed their gratitude by sending cards or red incarnations to the doctors and their families. Bouquets were placed on the graves of the doctors who died to convey respect and thanks. In 1934, the resolution was made to celebrate doctors’ day and share doctors day quotes and greetings every year. Since then, doctors’ day is celebrated in many countries across the world. 

Sooner, the USA declared 30th March as a holiday to appreciate the doctors’ determination and hard work. Health institutions organize lunch and Dinner parties, staff members convey their regards, happy doctors day quotes and messages are shared along with bouquets, and certificates are given to affiliate the doctors. The entire country experiences the last day of March as a holiday. 

Countries worldwide, like Australia, Brazil, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Nepal, etc., celebrate doctors’ day every year to convey their messages of appreciation for the doctors. Each country celebrates the day in its unique way. Below is a short description of how these countries celebrate doctor’s day.

  • Doctors day in India: The first day of July is celebrated as Doctors day in India. The day is celebrated in remembrance of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, on his birth and death anniversary, marked on the same date. He was a medical practitioner, physician, educationist, and freedom fighter. 
  • Doctors day in Australia: Doctors day is celebrated mainly on 30th March in Australia. According to the New Testament, it is marked after Saint Luke, who was a great physician and was believed to be an Apostle.
  • Doctors day in Brazil: October 18 every year is marked as a national holiday in Brazil. The day celebrates the work of a doctor. It is an integral part of Saint Luke’s life as the Catholic Church celebrates his birthday on the same date. 
  • Doctors day in Kuwait: The third day of March is marked as doctors day in Kuwait. It is significant because of the birthday of Dr. Sundus Al-Mazidi, who was the daughter of a very famous Kuwaiti businesswoman Zahra Al-Moussawi.
  • Doctors day in Nepal: The Nepal Medical Association’s establishment is marked as doctors day in Nepal. It is celebrated on the 4th of March every year. The Nepalis organize community meetings, greet the doctors with quotes for doctor’s day, send flowers to the doctors and appreciate their work.
  • Doctors day in Canada: Marked as National Physicians Day in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association has chosen May 1 to appreciate the heroism and determination of the doctors. It holds an essential significance in the commendation of Dr. Emily Stowe, the first female practitioner in Canada.

Significance of Doctors Day

We have all witnessed the deadly Coronavirus disease, the panic it has brought, the lockdown, and the number of deaths happening every day. Doctors have constantly worked to save lives and to spread awareness in every way possible. Doctors hold a vital significance in our lives that can not be compared to any other service in the world.

It is the patients’ moral duty to thank and express their love towards the doctors in every way possible. If not flowers, every patient must send doctors day quotes and wishes to salute their determination.

It is rightly said that good physicians treat the body, but good doctors treat the soul. We can entirely rely on a doctor’s work, and therefore, it becomes easier to treat illnesses and injuries. It is essential to appreciate the determination of the doctors. The best way possible was to dedicate a day to their profession.

Therefore, countries across the globe have marked and recognized dates to celebrate doctors’ day. These dates are either observed as a prominent doctor’s birthday or as the establishment of a renowned medical association.

Doctors Day Wishes

  • Dear Doctor, thank you for putting in your heart and soul to treat every illness of my family and me. We are forever grateful for whatever you do. Happy Doctors Day.


  • On this auspicious day, I want to express my heartfelt congratulations for the determination and hard work you have shown towards your profession. Doctors like you are therapeutic to the body and soul— A Very Happy Doctors Day.


  • Your dedication and commitment have laid bridges of trust and faith in your patients. You are not only a superb doctor but a great companion too. The way you handle things and ask us to keep calm makes it convenient for your patients to sit in relaxation. We wish you a happy doctor’s day.


  • Doctors day quotes won’t be enough to express the feeling of indebtedness that we have for you. You act as support in tough times. We wish you success and prosperity every day—happy Doctors Day to You.

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