Doctors Day, Happy Doctors Day, 1st july doctors day

Doctors Day

About Doctor’s Day ( Happy Doctors Day India)

Doctors Day Date- 1st July Doctors Day

The shield to our Health, the protector of our families, we grandly celebrate  Doctors Day in India to honor every doctor’s relentless hard work in securing our nation in every possible way. We graciously thank all the doctors, physicians for their dedicated hours in contributing to our country.

Doctors Day in India

When is Doctors Day? – Doctors Day in India is celebrated on July 1st every year. In 2020, the day had a special significance. It was memorable and astonishing to watch our designated heroes of the nation who put their heart and soul into saving the public from the pandemic that followed. We have lost doctors who died giving their last ounce of energy in providing their services, working continuous shifts, putting them in danger. On Doctors Day, we salute and acknowledge doctors’ services and their massive contribution in preventing COVID-19.

Last year, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narender Modi saluted by sharing an encouraging and gratifying message on Twitter where he admired every doctor’s exceptional contribution in the fight against COVID-19. The main purpose behind celebrating Doctors Day was to make people aware of the fact that Doctors Day in India is as important as other auspicious days. In his tweet, he bid his salute to every brave doctor who has led a battle against COVID-19 and their utmost commitment to the nation safe and healthy in these challenging times. Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, praised the efforts and devotion of doctors in the ongoing pandemic. 

Significance of Doctor’s Day

Indian Medical Association (IMA) organizes Doctors Day every year to promote doctor’s relentless contributions. The National Doctors Day 2020 was special because of the ongoing pandemic, which started spreading in January 2020, leading to the national lockdown in the country.  Last year Indian Medical Association released the theme “Lessen the Mortality of COVID-19” to spread awareness about asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy.

Doctors Day, Happy Doctors Day, 1st july doctors day
Doctors Day

The Doctors Day 2021 will be all about the critical role of health care professionals in combating pandemics together. We are looking to celebrate this venerable day with zeal and embrace the success in fighting the COVID-19 till now. Let’s take a ride back to the forgotten “National Doctor,” who was respected worldwide and is the primary reason behind celebrating Doctors Day. We celebrate this day in honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a name engraved in our history for his commendable contribution in the most critical times.

Who was Roy?

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was born in 1882 in Patna, Bihar, in India. He belonged to an affluent family where the primary source of wealth came from his father’s side. His father, Prakash Chandra, had five children, among which Dr.Bidhan was the youngest. The family did not inherit much and lived on Prakash’s salary.

Dr. Bidhan’s dedication and his perseverance led him to how he is remembered in our hearts today. He was deeply interested in gaining knowledge and started his graduation from Presidency College in Kolkata. Afterward, he did Honours in Mathematics from Patna College and finally enrolled himself at Calcutta Medical College.

Constantly having a thirst for knowledge, he applied to England for higher studies. The factor of being an Asian led to multiple rejections, 30 to be precise, as reports say. He stands as a perfect example of inspiration for not giving up till you believe in yourself. Dr. Bidhan was determined and kept applying till he got selected for St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. His hard work and dedication finally bore fruits. Within two years in England, he was selected as a member of the Royal College of Physicians and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He bid farewell to England after completing his FRCS and MRCP and returned to India in 1911. Subsequently, he started teaching at Calcutta Medical College and Campbell Medical School 

Where people were fighting for its freedom in India, Dr. Bidhan came as a savior to many, including Gandhi Ji. He believed in uplifting everyone around them by employing the skills they have attained through years of practice. He established various healthcare centers in India. Some of them were Jadavpur TB Hospital, Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, Victoria Institution, and Chittaranjan Cancer in Kolkata. He majorly focussed on women and children and their dire health needs. His exemplary contribution led him to receive recognition for the Doctorate of Science in 1944.

Dr. Bidhan’s Contribution in Freedom Struggle:

When the people of India were struggling for freedom, Dr. Bidhan strictly followed the ideology of a healthy nation. He believed that only a healthy nation could fight and win. He was asked to join the freedom struggle, but instead, he focused on uplifting and diagnosing people, giving importance to a factor that most people ignored: health.

With allocating resources and uplifting health infrastructure, he was avidly interested in local administration as well. He was the Mayor of Calcutta, Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University, President of the Medical Council of India, and the Governor of the United Provinces. His utmost dedication proved to be very beneficial in shaping the city in the areas of free education, public health care, road infrastructure, improved lighting, and water supply. 

Apart from this, he was handpicked by Gandhi Ji for the office of Chief Minister of West Bengal. He was commemorated as CM on 23rd January 1948, keeping in mind the chaos of communal violence and the hardships of divided Bengal. For the next 14 years under his guidance, West Bengal grew, and peace was finally established. He single-handedly fulfilled his duties while practicing medicine and attending to patients.

The nation apprehended his efforts and honored him with the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna, in February 1961. He left his bequest of utmost respect for public service and passed away on 1st July 1962, on his 80th birthday. After his death, his house was given for the institution of a nursing home. And a national award, namely Dr. B.C.Roy National Award was initiated in his memory for areas of medicine, science, politics, philosophy, literature, and arts.

He is truly an example for all of us today and will be for many coming generations.

How is Doctor’s Day Celebrated?

The first time National Doctors Day was celebrated back in 1993; people offered flowers to the Doctors and physicians. The day was celebrated by sending out cards and putting flowers on the grave of brave doctors.

 “It is truly said that we can’t see God, but on Earth, Doctor is like a God who cures us and gives us life to live in a better way.”

This saying not only embraces the need of Doctors but their roles, responsibilities, needs, and rights. This day imparts us with an opportunity to show our gratitude to all physicians, nurses, doctors, medical staff, and people contributing to the medical field in any way. We often misconstrued Doctors Day, a term associated with Doctors, but what is pertinent to note that it is celebrated in honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Bose, who enlightened us about the importance of health and people associated with this field. 

Thousands of medical staff and workers support a Doctor in order to carry out required services for the public. We, therefore, should include all the staff while promoting the medical profession. It creates a positive atmosphere and promotes more people to employ their skills in this field.   We remember all the heroes working in hospitals and staff associated with it and salute them for their continuous efforts during this pandemic.

We celebrate Doctor’s Day in various ways. But to truly put individual efforts into embracing what needs to be embraced in this tough time like this would be inspirational. Your little efforts can boost our medical staff in India and inspire them to put their best foot forward. The Doctors day is a leap of faith towards the medical field. With the increase in progress of India’s medical facilities, Doctors Day in India is celebrated as an honor to all those health warriors who save crores of lives every day.

So, what can you do? You could donate to various health-organized camps. For example, in this pandemic, plasma paucity is prevalent, leading patients to die. You could contribute by donating plasma at hospitals but with all the measures taken. You can also tag hospitals and post e-cards online with personalized messages and real-life stories of people combating COVID-19 with doctors’ help. Little efforts can make a significant change in creating positive and constructive waves across the nation.

A Stepping Stone in Medical Profession

On National Doctors Day, we celebrate the medical profession and its significance in our lives. But what we forget to mention is about the unemployed doctors and the areas where the medical profession could grow. Even Dr. Bidhan Roy always aimed at India’s Medical and Health sector’s growth and keeping his dreams alive, we should be focussing on the rural areas where medical help could not be provided.

India currently has over two lakh qualified doctors unemployed and can be efficiently deployed in rural areas. Presently, in some parts of India, some regions are entirely devoid of medical facilities, and a person has to walk miles to reach a doctor, even for chronic disease. It is pertinent to spread awareness about the regions where there is a dire need to establish health facilities. With each year passing, Doctors Day should celebrate more regions of success in the medical field and work areas where more research could be conducted. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) stated that “the state governments should take the cue by employing these doctors in community health centers and primary health centers.”

It is also pertinent to be aware of the Health Insurance Schemes government pass from time to time. Government passes schemes like Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna, Ayushman Bharat Scheme, Awaz Health Insurance Scheme, Central Health Insurance Scheme (CGHS), Employees State Insurance Scheme, and many more to provide a plethora of health insurance benefits for you to enjoy.

Doctor’s Rights and Responsibilities:

Most of our Doctors are rushing to foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and other countries because of the perk of tax-free salaries there. Our state and national government can provide and design perks to act as a catalyst in India’s employment. They can devise new plans and schemes for our Doctors to sustain and improve the medical field.

According to the estimates, around 50,000 MBBS students pass out every year, out of which 50 percent qualify for post-MD seats. The remaining 50 percent continue to prepare for entrance exams for pursuing MD abroad. In community health care facilities, the MBBS doctors can meet the demand and supply of the patients. It does not necessarily require specialized doctors in every center. The other major problems prevalent are the harsh living conditions in rural areas where Doctors prefer not to make the shift. Devising and establishing a good standard of living and government quarters for Doctors would be another step that will encourage Doctors to shift to rural or high altitude areas.

These are some contemporary areas of work in the medical field in India that need immediate redressal and attention from the public as well as the government itself.


India’s theme to celebrate Doctors Day should be encouraging the less improved areas of work in the medical profession. A garland of concrete steps taken towards developing our health care facilities would empower India in combating tough times together. Taking the example from evergreen and deeply respected National Doctor Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, we should build a nation where health facilities could be provided to every person. Celebrate National Doctors Day by embracing the medical professions for their relentless dedication to combating pandemics and making small contributions to bring change for future generations.

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